Beacon Pharmaceutical, an R&D focused life sciences accelerator firm, says will begin construction this year of a state-of-the-art life sciences accelerator, Beacon-Accelerator, and biologics synthesis facility as it moves to a new home in Jupiter.

This new headquarters will include a LEED Platinum building of 160,000 square feet, with the expectation of creating more than 137 new jobs and a capital investment of at least $70 million. Leveraging its international network, the Beacon-Accelerator will provide support services to bioscience companies across the various developmental phases, including assistance with business, legal, regulatory and trial compliance, along with dedicated laboratory space, manufacturing of pilot batches, licensing and venture capital investments. The site also will develop and formulate in its cGMP facility clinical trial supplies and stem cell therapies with a focus on potential commercialization.

The Jupiter Town Council unanimously voted Jan. 7 on a lease-to-own deal for nine acres of land the town owns on West Indiantown Road zoned for R&D, and on a job creation and retention incentive to attract Beacon Pharmaceutical to start building its bioscience accelerator on this site.

The Beacon-Accelerator team anticipates hosting companies working on the cutting edge of regenerative medicine programs. This will include companies focusing on 3D printing of body organs, hearts, and kidneys; companies with developing intellectual property investigating the boost of T-cell production; and companies focused on precision data and gene therapy as the basis for unlocking long-term health and well-being via disease prevention. The mission of the Beacon-Accelerator will be to identify the companies focused on these new therapies and maximize the chances of success of their discoveries by providing the capabilities, support and services they need, the company said.

“Beacon’s accelerator will drive the success of the bioscience cluster and forge a strong connection between academia and the marketplace,” said Nancy Torres Kaufman, chairwoman of Beacon Pharmaceutical Jupiter. “We expect to enroll between 50 and 70 companies in our accelerator program and will be providing them with the necessary infrastructure and other tangible advantages to succeed through the clinical phases.”

As a tribute to honor Florida Atlantic University’s efforts and achievements in bioscience, Beacon is making a significant initial contribution as the title sponsor for the 20th anniversary of the FAU Campus in Jupiter.

Beacon said it already has received great interest from close to 40 companies to move into the Beacon-Accelerator and is therefore planning to start operating a beta site soon, a smaller version of the Beacon- Accelerator for some of those companies while the plant is being built.

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